Privacy Policy

For ensuring the anonymity and privacy of our customers we have a well-defined privacy policy on our portal. Our main priority is to give safety to our customers while doing online transactions.

We ask all our customers to check out our privacy policy before ordering medicine on our portal.

It is to be understood that while doing the final transactions you will be reminded that by agreeing to pay us you accept the terms and conditions set for the privacy policy on our portal.

Policy for collection and sharing of online information of our customers

  • We have a very stringent policy for our customers for collecting and sharing their private information.
  • All the information that we collect from the customers such as their name, age, email ID, phone number, and address are used only for official purposes.
  • Even the personal and private confidential information that we collect such as your debit or credit card numbers, OTPs, are kept in our servers that facilitate the buying process for our customers.
  • We are not engaged in the unauthentic process of sharing your information with any of our entities or even with any third party such as our vendors and wholesalers.
  • All this is done to provide meaningful and efficient customer service to our customers.
  • This is done to ease the process for the customers to help them gather information while choosing to buy a certain medicine or during the payment or checkout process.
  • This also saves them time as they don’t have to share their information time and time again at the time of purchasing the medicines from our portal.
  • You can register with us or even leave it but that is solely at your discretion.
  • You don’t have to mandatorily sign up or register yourself on our portal to buy medicines.

Signing up for our newsletter

  • We collect your email ID to share our weekly newsletter with you.
  • This way you can be aware of the latest medicines brands being available or the upcoming brands that you might have been waiting to try out for.
  • You don’t have to mandatorily sign up with our newsletter but doing so will help you to remain abreast of the latest offers and discounts.
  • We share all the news such as offers on medicines, the latest arrivals, and the most discounted brands or even the monthly, weekly, or daily offers through our newsletter.
  • Thus you can get notified for example when a medicine is available at our stocks.
  • The email IDs are not used for other purposes such as sending unauthorized or spam emails.
  • Customers are asked to check the spam folder in case they have turned on suspicious emails from unknown sources in their settings menu.
  • When each of your online transactions is completed you are given an online e-receipt through email delivered for each purchase.

Agreeing to the cookie policy on our portal

  • The use of cookies is done on our portal which helps in the faster buying and checks out the process for our customers.
  • You can agree with our cookie policy but that is solely at your discretion.
  • By agreeing to make a transaction on our portal you also agree with our online cookie policy to store some of the vital information for faster browsing on our online portal.

Doing transactions on our portal

  • All our online transactions occur over a fast and efficient online payment portal that is protected by an SSL gateway for faster processing and authenticating the end beneficiary for the transactions.
  • Each of your online purchases will be verified by OTPs that are sent to both your email ID and mobile number.

Refund and cancellation policy

  • All the products ordered online from our portal can be canceled.
  • But there is a deadline for that and that is usually 7 days irrespective of whether you are located domestically or internationally.
  • We do not validate the cancellations done after the passing of the 7 days since your product was ordered.
  • You can also ask us for an exchange of products.
  • This will be done by our executives who will physically verify the product and then exchange it.
  • For refunds, we don’t give any cash refunds but the repayment is done online and directly credited back to the customer’s account.

Sharing your reviews

  • You may wish to share any of your experiences with us.
  • This includes your reviews after using the medicine or even your experiences on finding out the right brand and dosage for medicine.
  • You can also share your reviews on the payment and overall checkout process.
  • We encourage you to share your experiences with us but this is not something that you have to mandatorily do in case you are willing to protect your anonymity.

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