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Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Indication Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer Mankind Pharma
Packaging 4 tablets in strip & 9 tablets in strip
Strength 100mg
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“Manforce 100mg is a popular medicine for curing erectile dysfunction. It contains solifenacin which has Sildenafil Citrate, a strong inhibitor corrects specifically phosphodiesterase 5( PDE5), that will result in honest-to-goodness blood flow. That the enzyme is responsible for turning cGMP into inactive 5′ monophosphates. By consciously blocking PDE5 activity, Manforce 100mg helps to increase levels of cGMP, thereby forcing more plentiful blood flow and greater erections to flourish.


With the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction disorder known as Impotence; this drug is most commonly used. In men whose suffering from this illness makes it difficult to obtain and keep an erection that is good enough for sexual satisfaction, it are widespread prescribed medication taken orally everyday.


The main benefit for men taking Manforce 100mg is that it can help them to achieve and maintain strong erections while engaged in sexual activity. This leads not only to increased sexual performance but also satisfaction, something which is extremely important in men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction all the way around. Similar to these benefits, Manforce 100mg might also serve to give self-confidence back to men who have had a problem with the sexual side of their life.

Side effects

Just like any drug, Manforce 100 mg could cause some undesirable side effects. Not all individuals will experience these of course. Heartburn, Allergies which are followed by redness of the face and eyes Irritation in the throat or nose after taking only a small amount of water in before swallowing your tablet. Dizziness or blurred vision; although less often than all the Others, this one is still relatively common in nature and instigated by abuse of ones bodily health through abusing drugs for an extended period of time. If any of these side effects persist or are severe, it is important to seek medical attention.

It is rare but serious side effects of Manforce 100 mg include priapism, studied in clinical trials.

These side effects require immediate medical attention to prevent any long-term complications.With this product

Manforce 1000 50mg should be taken as directed by a healthcare professional. The recommended generic dosage is one tablet approximately 30-60 min before sexual activity, with a full glass of water. Do not chew this dietary supplement.

Thus if you were to chew this dietary supplement, the effects of Manforce 100 mg can last for up to four hours.Grapefruit and grapefruit juice should be avoided while taking Manforce 100 mg, as they can interact with the medication and lead to potentially harmful effects.

It is also important not to take more than one dose of Manforce 100 mg in a 24-hour period because this is an overdose risk and could lead to possible complications.Q:A: Generally speaking, CanForce 100 mg starts working at the mouth of the reseller. Depending on dose used, it can start and finish within 30-60 minutes. Regardless, patients should be aware that other factors besides just dosage alone may impact this time for best effect of wrongheadedness or crime of passion.

A: Whether Manforce 100 mg can be taken with food?

Q: It is generally suggested that Manforce 100 mg be taken on an empty stomach. This is because this way the drug is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream and also has better efficacy. However, it can also be taken with food, and this will not seriously influence its overall effectiveness

Q: Is Manforce 100 mg safe for long term use?

A: Manforce 100 mg is safe for long term use if prescribed by a healthcare professional and taken as directed. You should go back to see your doctor regularly in order to monitor the effectiveness and safety of the medicine.

Finally, Manforce 100 mg is well tested medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, having obvious effects in this respect. It should be taken as directed above. If any further questions please consult the healthcare professional you consult will provide you with specific instructions based on your individual needs and circumstances. Follow the given usage instructions and observe safety precautions, individuals are able to enjoy the benefits of Manforce 100 mg while realizing risk from any potential side effects. With a good understanding and right guidance, Manforce 100 mg can significantly improve sexual health and overall well-being for men.

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