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Astelin is a prescription or over the counter nasal spray that works to prevent the Sneezing, itching, and runny nose symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. Astelin’s active ingredient is azelastine, it works in the human body by blocking the effects of the naturally occurring substance histamine where it binds to specific cellular receptors. Azelastine works as an extremely potent antihistamine and is extremely effective at treating allergy symptoms, it’s fast acting capabilities are able to work with only 15 minutes of dosing and last 12 hours of dosing. The spray can be used on adults and children 12 years of age or older. Astelin also serves to alleviate perennial allergic rhinitis symptoms which can include an allergy to dust particles, pets, and mold fungus.

Uses for >Astelin:

Some of the many uses of Astelin would be for the treatment of seasonal allergies such as hay fever, allergies to pollen’s, and allergies to the familiy of dust mite particles. While the nasal spray can in addition be taken to relieve perennial allergic rhinatis which is an allergy to dust particles, pet hair, and molds. Astelin can be taken by mouth on adults and children of age 12 or older. It takes only 15 minutes after dosing to begin its effectiveness and lasts up to 12 hours of time.

Benefits of Astelin:

Some benefits of Astelin would include the fact that it is able to act fast, very unlike other medicine where it may take a few days for it to begin working. After Astelin is administered the user is able to begin to see reduced sneezing, itching, which is usually a symptom of the nasal pill in addition to less nasal congestion. It allows an individual to have more energy throughout the days, when the side effects are minor, and allowing them to carry out their daily tasks.

Side Effects of Astelin:

While there are little to no side effect when taken, side effects of Astelin may include an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth, the feeling of drowsiness, headaches, bloody noses and in some cases users will experience more severe allergic reactions which can be tell if a user has trouble breathing, feels light headed, or experiences swellings of the mouth face or throat.

Usage Instructions:

In order to use Astelin nasal spray, you should shake the bottle and take off the protective cap. Moreover, you should tilt your head slightly forward and put the nasal applicator in one of your nostrils. You should use your finger to close your other nostril and push on the pump to let the spray release. At the same time, you should gently inhale through your nose. You should repeat the operation with the other nostril if needed. Since this drug should usually be used once or twice a day, you should use it as it was prescribed by your doctor. Your should not blow your other nostril after you use the spray.

Safety Advice:

Before using Astelin, you should talk to your doctor in case you have some allergies or other diseases that need attention. It is also important to note what medications you are using at the moment, which may be not only prescription drugs, but also some vitamins and dietary supplements. In addition, you should never use this drug if you are allergic to azelastine or some other its ingredients. Besides, you should be cautious while driving or doing some other dangerous activities, since this spray may cause dizziness. At last, you should store Astelin in a safe place in your room and keep away from moisture and heat.


Q: How quickly does Astelin start working?

A: Astelin usually starts working within only 15 minutes after the use. Thus, it may rapidly relieve the symptoms of allergies.

Q: Can I use Astelin if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Before using any medication while being pregnant or breeastfeeding, you should talk to your doctor.

* **Q: Can I use Astelin with other allergy medications?**

A: You can use Astelin and other allergy medications in parallel, but the best way is to consult with your doctor. If already taken some other allergy medications, consult with the doctor about it to avoid interactions.

* **Q: How long can I use Astelin** ***for****?**

A: You can use Astelin for an indefinite period as it is not usually associated with severe side effects. However, it would be best to follow the doctor’s recommendation on how long you have to take Astelin. Do not use the medication in greater amounts than it is indicated in the instruction since it will not quicken the recovery. If you are not achieving the effect within the treat period, consult with a doctor on the dosage change.

Overall, Astelin is a reliable nasal spray that quickly eases the symptoms of various types of allergies. The fast-acting and long-lasting effect make Astelin one of the most popular choices of seasonal and perennial allergy sufferers. By following the directions of use and safety precautions, the user will benefit from the advantages of this healthcare product. For personalized information, consult with the doctor on how to use Astelin to alleviate the adverse effects of allergies.

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