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Azicip Product Description

Azicip is a potent antibiotic that is used to treat a large variety of bacterial infections. It is a member of the macrolide antibiotics group of drugs, and it works by stopping the growth and replication of bacteria in the organism. It is usually prescribed to patients with respiratory infections, skin infections, ear infections, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Uses of Azicip

Azicip is most commonly used to treat pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, cellulitis, chlamydia, and other infections. It is also used to treat mycobacterium avium complex in patients who have AIDS. Azicip works by inhibiting the protein synthesis in bacteria, which leads to their stagnation and prevents them from reproduction.

Benefits of Azicip

Azicip has a wide variety of uses, as it is broad-spectrum and effectively treats a multitude of bacterial infections. It is also known for being highly potent and for promoting a low risk of a bacterial resistive strain of a bacterium to develop. Azicip is well-tolerated in most patients and can be taken with or without food. It is also available in both tablet and oral suspension mediums. The drug is generally safe to use for most adults.

Side Effects of Azicip

Common side effects of Azicip include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache. Some severe side effects, which might require seeking assistance, are irregular heartbeat, liver dysfunction, and allergic reactions.


Usage of the drug should always be as prescribed by the doctor. For the best results, use Azicip as indicated by your doctor or healthcare provider. However, the general dosage of Azicip for most infections for an adult is a 500mg dosage once daily for a period of 3 days. For more severe infections, the treatment could be carried on for a period of 5 to 10 days with a daily dose lasting for the same period. It is advisable you see a doctor before stopping the dosage by your doctor even if they tend to clear up before you complete the dose. At no point should you take an even bigger or smaller dose than you have been advised to do. Taking dosages at different times results in plasma plasma concentration fluctuations due to subsequent absorption and excretion. In order to achieve maximum efficacy, it is best that you remain strict on times and daily routines of regiment. This will allow you have maximum effectiveness in terms of the infection. However, there is no difference between people of the same weight and both men and women in the prescribed positions.


Azicip medication is mainly used for treatment of a specific bacterial infection. Azicip is used for treatment of a broad variety of bacterial infections that are either severe or not severe. Azicip medication can be administered to children starting from the age of 6 months old and also to any adults aged below 65 months old. Additionally, the medication can be used for the treatment of a variety of skin and soft tissue infections such as erythema migrans, urethral syndrome, pneumonia, syphilis and acne that are non-gonorrhea. The medication is also used to cure Bartonella disorders such as cat scratch disease. Consequently, Azicip is used for preventing some types of Mycobacterium Avium Complex diseases. Medically, Azicip belongs to a brand of tetracycline antibiotics.


It is important to communicate with a doctor or a healthcare provider concerning the prior administration of drugs, and especially for any X-ray diagnostic drug, as some drugs induce a negative effect once they combine or are mixed with Azicip drugs. More over, long-term companion of alcohol with Azicip drugs can lead to stomach irritation. While using Azicip, adults should avoid reducing drugs 6 hours before they administer the drug. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also recommended to see their doctors or healthcare providers before they take any Azicip drugs. Occasionally, Azicip is used in the treatment of acne and for this to be recognized suitability for the drug, a healthcare should prescribe it.

In conclusion, Azicip is an effective anti-bacterial medication which is used to treat a large number of infections. The drug is known to be well tolerable and it suits most of the patients quite good. A high level of efficacy and low levels of side effects grant it a significant advantage over antibiotics. It is important to check with your healthcare provider for the full information about your medication and notice them about any other medications you are taking.

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