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Ceftin is a prescription medicine that is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. This powerful antibiotic is in a class of drugs called cephalosporins, which work by stopping the growth of bacteria. Ceftin is a common prescription for infections in the respiratory tract, skin, ears, sinuses, and urinary tract.


Ceftin is a commonly used drug for treating various forms of bacterial infection. That includes this prescription being used for bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, and urinary tract infections. Also, this medication can be used to treat skin infections, ear infections, and a number of STDs. Ceftin functions by attacking the bacteria in your system, working to kill it and alleviate the symptoms of your illness.


The main benefits of using Ceftin to treat a bacterial infection are its effectiveness and success rate. Not only is this drug considered to be one of the best courses of action for clearing the body of harmful bacteria, but it is also one of the most frequently successful solutions for this type of infection. Another major benefit of using Ceftin is that this drug is generally very well tolerated. The side effects are considered mostly mild, especially when weighed against the negative outcomes of an untreated bacterial infection.

Side Effects

Few people using Ceftin feel any side effects. However, common side effects can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and headache. There are other, more serious side effects, which can include a severe allergic reaction, jaundice, and liver problems. You should seek medical assistance if you notice any of the rare side effects in yourself. Keep in mind that your physician has prescribed you Ceftin because they believe that the benefits of this treatment program outweigh its potential risks.

Usage Instructions

Ceftin should be used according to the prescription provided by your healthcare provider or otherwise as indicated in the prescription drug label. We take this medicine orally, often with or without regard to food. The majority of the recipients take Ceftin twice a day. Typically, this medicine is used for a brief duration of time. In order to get the full advantage of Ceftin, we need to take it before the end of the medication program. Skipping doses or discontinuing treatment can cause the infection to return or allow it to grow resistant to antibiotics.

Safety Advice

Your medical adviser needs to know if you have any allergies, especially to cephalosporin antibiotics or penicillin, before taking Ceftin. You also need to tell him/her about such medical conditions that you may have as kidney disease, liver disease, gastrointestinal problems. Besides, some drugs may interact with Ceftin and cause dangerous complications. Additionally, in ordr to mitigate the risk of side away effects, the patient is advised to refuse from drinking alcohol.


How soon will Ceftin work?

It will usually begin to work on the first day after you start taking this antibiotic. Nevertheless, the duration is short while patients need to take the antibiotic for a set period of time as their antibiotics should run their full course.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Ceftin?

It is not recommended to take it with alcohol as it can increase the risk of side effects such as stomach ache, headache and nausea.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Ceftin?

If you miss a dose of this preparate, you should take it as soon as possible. However, if it is nearly the time of the next dose, you should not take the dose that you missed. Do not intake two doses at the same time.

Is this drug safe for children’

However, the dosage will be regulated on the basis of the child’s weight, age and the type of infection, it can be used for children.

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Additional information


30 pills x 500mg, 60 pills x 500mg, 30 pills x 250mg, 60 pills x 250mg, 90 pills x 250mg, 120 pills x 250mg, 10 pills x 125mg, 30 pills x 125mg, 60 pills x 125mg, 90 pills x 125mg

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