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* **Description of Co-amoxiclav**

Co-amoxiclav is a widely used antibiotic medication that combines amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. It is usually prescribed for the treatment of various bacterial infections such as respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, etc.. Both components of the medication work together and are capable of killing bacteria and preventing their growth. The patient’s organism is thus able to fight with the infection and recover quickly.

* **Uses of Co-amoxiclav**

Co-amoxiclav can be used for treating multiple bacterial infections in both adults and children. The medication is especially suitable for the treatment of the following:
– Respiratory tract infections * pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinusitis inhalation.
– Urinary tract infections
– Skin and soft tissue infections
– Ear infections
– Dental infection
– Bone and joint infection

* **Benefits of Co-amoxiclav**

There are several advantages to using co-amoxiclav for the treatment of bacterial infection. Some of the most important benefits are the following:
– Capable of killing various bacteria
– The combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid decreases the risk of bacteria building resistance to the medication
– Can be used regardless of patient’s age
– Not harmful or toxic to the majority of people
– Different doses available

* **Side Effects of Co-amoxiclav**

Just like any other medication, co-amoxiclav comes with some side effects. Even though this medication can be taken by the majority of the population, some of the people might still experience some minor side effects. These usually include the following:
– nausea and diarrhea
– vomiting
– rash
– allergic reactions
**Before taking co-amoxiclav, ensure to consult your healthcare provider to get full information about the medication and its proper dosage.**

Using Co-amoxiclav

Do not use this medication in amounts or for longer than recommended. You must follow the instructions of your healthcare provider since the dosage and duration of the treatment are prescribed individually. Usually, you should take Co-amoxiclav for the entire prescribed period even if your symptoms improve earlier. You can take the drug with or without food, but you should take it at the same time daily. The recommended dosage can be different based on the severity of your condition, change it without consulting a healthcare provider.

How to Do This Safely

Before taking the medication, you need to inform your healthcare provider regarding any medication you use and all your diseases. Keep to all instructions given by the specialists inviting a likelihood of side effects and avoiding the impact of the medication. While using Co-amoxiclav, you should drink enough water to avoid dehydration since the impact of this substance on your stomach can cause a lack of liquids. Another crucial recommendation is not to drink alcohol since it increases the risk of side effects thus possibly reducing the effect of the drug.

Q & A

1. Can I use Co-amoxiclav if pregnant or breastfeeding?
You should always consult your healthcare provider before using this kind of medication. They will take your individual risks and make them with your baby’ risks and chances to define whether you can use this medication. However, according to general precautions, you should not use it if pregnant or breastfeeding: avoid misusing drugs even for the purpose of stopping abuses towards yourself and your baby.

2. Can I take alcohol during the period I use this medication?
You should not take any alcohol since it can consequently lead to a decrease in the effect of the pill.

3. How fast will co-amoxiclav work?
* Most of the time, co-amoxiclav will start to work after a couple of days. However, it is highly important that an individual finishes the whole amount of medications prescribed by the health care provider in order to make sure the infection is completely cured.

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30 pills x 625mg, 60 pills x 625mg, 90 pills x 625mg, 120 pills x 625mg, 180 pills x 625mg, 270 pills x 625mg

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