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Periactin is a drug that is prescribed in special cases of allergies–ie, as an immediate remedy for symptoms such as itching and running noses in addition to rash outbreaks caused by food allergies. It can also be used to treat perennial rhintis, which is an allergic condition characterized by fits lasting weeks or months. It may also serve as an aid in some related ailments, such as pruritus and swelling from chronic urticaria (hives).”


Periactin is widely prescribed for the relief of symptoms in rhinitis of an allergic nature. Since it is a Ho yrleptary antihistamine, Periactin will relieve the symptoms associated with insect bites (pruritus and swelling) becoming infected or even spreading to adjacent parts on his body. In addition, Periactin has some causes of discomfort: sunburn; winter itch (refridgerator disease); chapped lips after exposure to extremely cold temperatures for long periods. It also gives relief that few other anti-allergic drugs can offer these kinds at any stage. Use this medication when you suffer a reaction to an allergen s. Still other people choose Periactin for similar reasons. As a matter of fact Periactin will act as a stimulant to bring the appetite out of someone who is thin from medical illneso or incidental factors. Moreover, individuals may take Periactin for migraines. It is a good remedy for preventing attacks. Periactin can also be given intravenously or by injection, as soon after an acute angle glaucoma attack starts and anytime until the patient has been definitively resuscitated (see previous column on Reye’s Syndrome). This treatment will increase your ability to produce tears from both eyes, which are rich in an enzyme called acetylcholine. These new sites may post less danger than the former ones but they still cause difficulty especially when a patient has to raise his head off a pillow in order to read since no other protective eyewear is available.”

about the same but for special classes of allergical diseases such as Pollinosis:

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    The most important benefit of Periactin is that it effectively blocks the action of histamine and other substances, which produce the symptoms allergy sufferers experience from different triggers. Essentially each allergy drug performs an equivalent restoration job for your immune system. In some cases this means that all you catch is a mere cold or influenza. Periactin can also stimulate appetite in those who have difficulty obtaining weight due to medical conditions and so forth.

    Side Effects

    Like all drugs The side effects of Periactin, it can produce include some undesirable symptoms, Commonly there is drowsiness or lethary–perhaps because you do not feel well after an hour of exercise. Dizziness occurs too but isn’t effective frustration. Other common side effects include dry mouth, constipation and blurred vision. On rare occasions hallucinations, convulsions or confusion may arise as more serious side effects. If Periactin’s use affects you in any harmful way, consult your health care provider immediately.

    You can take Periactin just as your healthcare provider prescribes This is generally by mouth with or without food It may vary for tension appetite and gain when you’re using it alone throwing on the fat But it is important to adhere strictly to the prescription and not take more than prescribed yet miss a dose every time afterwards without making any extra air out of your breath If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for your next dose

    You should tell a healthcare provider about any medical conditions you have, allergies and all medicines already being taken We really need to find out more about Periactin’s potential to interact with one substance or worsen some other condition Patients taking Periactin shouldn’t drive or operate machinery until they know how the medication will affect them Make sure to avoid alcohol while you’re taking Periactin, as this might increase the chance of side effects.

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    >1. Can Periactin be t aken as an additional part of any other medicine?

    It may interact with certain drugs, so it is important to tell a healthcare provider all the drugs being taken before Periactin is started.

    >2 Does Periactin work fast or all at once?

    Usually Periactin starts to be effective within a 30minute to an hour time period of taking pills. But the feeling you get may change depending on how everyone else experiences it The rate and difference you have to let them try then see.-74253a0 << H3=""

    >Can Periactin’s efficacy be made use of to treat migraine?

    For some patients, Periactin may be prescribed as treatment for migraines. The drug blocks histamine, and chemicals in the body called “serotonin” which are both known to provoke migraine attacks.

    4.What if I forget to take Periactin as usual?
    In most cases, when doses are overdue take them at once unless it is nearly time for your following dose. An upset stomach caused by taking doubled doses at the same time is unnecessary and harmful to Health.

    5.Can caregivers feel at ease in giving children Periactin?
    Periactin can be used in children for some diseases, such as allergies and bad appetite. But dose must be determined according to age and weight of younger ones. Be sure to watch out for a healthcare provider’s opinion!

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    Additional information


60 pills x 4mg, 90 pills x 4mg, 120 pills x 4mg, 180 pills x 4mg, 270 pills x 4mg, 360 pills x 4mg

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