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Active Ingredient Lidocaine
Indication Anal fissure, Piles, Local anesthesia
Manufacturer German Remedies Private Ltd
Packaging 15g in bottle
Delivery Time 6 to 15 Days
Vigore Gold Lido Spray is a 15 mg product bottle manufactured by German Remedies Private Limited. The 15 mg bottle of Vigore Gold Lido Spray contains local anesthetic lidocaine. It is available in the 15 mg spray bottle in form of a liquid, and it is used for numbing the pain caused by annal fissures, and piles. Vigore Gold Lido Spray is primarily used and prescribed for treating premature ejaculation in men.
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A heartiest welcome to the world of Men’s Coupon Vigore Gold Liduo Spray, a revolutionary product which can bring passion back into your life while improving sexual performance.The ethophosphine group has been crafted with the sole aim of providing a completely safe and effective solution for individuals who suffer from such distresses as premature ejaculation or impotence.With a unique combination of natural ingredients and advanced technology, new Vigore Gold Lido Spray provides a discreet and convenient way to improve your sexual wellness while restoring confidence back into the bedroom.


At the same time, vigore gold lidocaine-stimulants can solve all sorts of common sexual problems that people encounter.If you apply some of the spray to your penis, it will enable ejaculating delay, so that sexual intercourse can be longer with better results.In addition, the product also applies to doing good fellatio steadily–men and women are all satisfied sorts of couples with this product as how it improves quality over quantity Each time leaders of the platform fixing sexual edge problems-domestic address line jointly recommended one are likely to take count it for sure! So whoever buys this anti-ED remedy is benefited from imported male pride folly like another victory in civilization battle after another.


The benefits of using Vigore Gold Lido Spray are numerous and far-reaching. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are both challenges that one may struggle with, however if either disturb your sex life you will certainly benefit from using Incognito Gold Taste Spray.When it comes to improving a mans ability to perform in bed, the following are among its most important benefits: Longer periods without ejaculating means you ll be able to stay inside of each other far longer than otherwise.Probably your erection quality is terrible but by taking Incognito Gold Lido Spray tablets everything will be as it need be: No more dribbling semen from a meaningless little bulgeHigh Satisfaction for Both Discreet, on-the-go application.All-natural formula with negligible side effects

Side Effects:

However, now we can add that these side effects are generally limited to people with tachycardia syndrome, men boasting larger breasts than their wives and who suffer from kid- ney diseases or diabedales.On occasion, the administration of the medicine can cause the crown of one’s head to go red.All depression patients reported that their necks lost feeling.Some users may perceive a slight sensitive response, or numbing in the applied region; this will go away of its own accord and decently does not necessitate discontinuation of the product. In a small minority of cases, allergic reactions such as skin irritation or rash can occur. It is advisable to perform a patch test before routine use and consult with a healthcare professional if any adverse effects persist.

Usage Instructions:

In order to achieve the desired results with Vigore Gold Lido Spray, it is crucial to follow the usage directions. Shake the bottle well and hold it 5-10 centimeters from your penis just before having sex. Spray three or four squirts of it on to your penis; give particular attention to those areas that are most sensitive. Massage the contents of the product well into your skin and wait a few minutes before sexual activity. For best results, it is important to avoid excessive use of spray and follow the recommended dosage both for safety’s sake as well.

Safety Advice:

First thing first is to use Vigore Gold Lido Spray, be safe and act responsibly. When Vigore Gold Lido Spray is in use, make sure it is kept away from children and pets alike, and store in a place that is dry but not exposed to sun light Any contact with the eyes, or using Laid spray on broken or irritated skin will have a negative impact on the effect of Lido. Before the spray is used routinely, the writer recommends performing a small area patch test every time for adverse reactions It would also be wise to consult a physician or pharmacist if you have any conditions or are taking medication before incorporating this product into your daily routine.


1.Can Vigore Gold Lido Spray be used by anyone?
While it is generally well turned-out, there may be some people with special conditions or might have such an allergy that would prove fatal. Before using this spray, it would be wise to consult a healthcare professional.

2. How long does it last the disruptively tired effect of the spray?
The lasting time of the desensitized effect may be different for different individuals, but usually it is long enough to make a gratifying intimate experience.

3. Will Vigore Gold Lido Spray get in the way of condoms?
Yes, the spray is friendly with condoms and should not affect their effect.

4. Is there an age restriction on this product at all?
Vigore Gold Lido Spray is designed for use between adults only and should be kept out of reach of children.

5. How often can the spray be used?
The spray can be used as needed, but must stick with the recommended dosage and never go over the maximum lumbers of sprays in some 24-hour period given on page 10 in these instructions for uselnsemi qualified, unskilled women.

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